South West Peregrine Group

South West Peregrine (SWP) is a non profit group who study , monitor, record and observe Peregrine Falcon numbers and behaviours in the South West of England (Cornwall and Devon).

The SWP Permit Holder is granted a Schedule 1 disturbance Permit by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) “for the purpose of ringing and nest recording and to take and possess addled eggs or eggs from nests known to be deserted”.
The permit is issued under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The Licence held by the trust, granted by the Country Agency allows the holder of this permit to engage in activities which the trust authorises to the permit holder.
The BTO permit is granted annually to the Permit Holder, who then, in turn, appoints accredited agents in respect of each of the nest sites. The Group has actively been studying a number of sites in both Devon and Cornwall since 2007, predominantly the Northern Coast of Cornwall.

Aims of the Group:

  • to monitor and record the breeding activities of peregrine falcons at known territories.
  • submit breeding records and data to the BTO, (Nest Record Scheme) to increase the National data.
  • provide protection where possible and report incidents of nest disturbance to the appropriate authority.
  • liaise with other raptor protection and wildlife groups with similar aims.
  • document and submit our findings to the relevant bodies.
  • raise public awareness of birds of prey persecution continuing in the UK.
  • engage the younger generation with a close-up experience of UK raptors.
  • provide Educational talks and presentations to groups of all ages.

Please note that we are only a ‘study group’ and do not have live feeds or webcams at any of the locations, we will not divulge the whereabouts of sites to anyone other than the appropriate authorities to whom we submit our findings. All of the territories, images and data featured on this website are within the two counties of Devon & Cornwall.

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