The Wakefield Peregrine Project is a registered charity (1187885) that promotes, for the benefit of the public, the study and support of peregrine falcons within the Wakefield District and surrounding area.

Peregrines have been present on Wakefield Cathedral for several years and bred for the first time in 2015, using a nestbox made at the University of Sheffield. An adult female and a male, still in juvenile plumage (he was ringed on 16 May 2014 at St George's Church, Sheffield), arrived unexpectedly after the overwintering pair departed at the start of the season. Despite a late start, they successfully raised three young. A couple of months after the youngsters fledged, the male moulted into his adult plumage.

A new box installed in the autumn of 2015, and later fitted with a camera, has improved access to the box and provides the opportunity to ring the chicks and observe the behaviour of the birds inside the box. In 2018, the nestbox camera was upgraded to HD and a second HD camera was installed overlooking the east parapet. The observations via this camera provide a valuable insight into the activity of the juvenile peregrines when they leave the nestbox.

From 2015 to 2019, the adults have successfully fledged 17 young peregrines and a fostered juvenile that was relocated from a nest site in Hull. Since 2016, the young peregrines have been fitted with an individually lettered, orange coloured, Darvic ring on their left leg and a metal BTO ring on the right leg.

The young peregrines stay in and around Wakefield for several weeks after they have fledged. They gradually become less dependent on the parents and roam more widely. The adults remain on territory around the cathedral spire all year, repelling any intruding peregrines.

Peregrine information days are held in the cathedral precinct in May/June to help the public see and understand more about the peregrines.

For further information about The Wakefield Peregrine Project and to view live images from the webcams visit the following website: https://wakefieldperegrines.com/

You can also follow the project on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/WakefieldPeregrines/ and Twitter @WfldPeregrines